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4 Print Marketing Faux Pas

It’s been nearly 600 years since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. That makes print marketing one of the industry’s oldest mediums. But Gutenberg might be surprised that in all that time it still isn’t a medium we have mastered. Sure, the industry has come a long way, as movable type ultimately led to the mass-production of flyers, brochures, magazines, and billboards. But, even after all these years, we often see the same mistakes slip through. Here are four print marketing faux pas and information on how to avoid these common mistakes.

The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Printing Company

Think postcards, catalogs, and brochures belong in the 90’s? Think again. Direct mail and other print materials are as fresh and effective as they were before the advent of the Internet. And when it comes to print you have two options: creating your materials in-house or hiring a commercial printing company. While in-house might have certain benefits under limited circumstances, it should never be regarded as a permanent solution, and it is not the best way to grow. In fact, it can be a risky decision for you, even in the short term. For consistency, professionalism, streamlining, brand management, and making room for the future, partnering with a commercial printing company is the best way forward.

10 Print Marketing Trends for 2018

In a world of digital buzz, how do you get your business noticed? Not by shouting the loudest, and not by going 100 percent digital. Marketing experts are now highlighting simplicity and honesty as key values. (A little more honesty and simplicity in most places couldn’t hurt, right?) They also note high consumer interest in personalized appeal, and the power print marketing lends to a digital strategy.

The Commercial Printing Industry and Why It’s Still Effective

You may think in the age of smartphones that if you can get your business to go digital you’ve done your job. Think again. Going digital is crucial, but that is only half the story. Print marketing materials have not gone out of fashion, and still comprise a vital aspect of an effective 21st century marketing strategy. Not only do direct mail, catalogues, and coupons still maintain high appeal, but commercial printing products such as brochures, flyers, promo packets, banners, and trade show displays can never quite be displaced with a digital substitute. Here are four ways the commercial printing industry goes to work for you.